HiLook THC-T120-MS


2 MP Audio Fixed Turret Camera

  • 1080p turret camera
  • Smart IR, up to 20 m IR distanceWater resistant (IP66)
  • 4 in 1 (4 signals switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS)
  • With built-in microphone, enhancing your safety with video and audio together


The HiLook THC-T120-MS is a high resolution 2 mega-pixel analogue turret style CCTV camera that features powerful built-in infrared for images in complete darkness up to 20 metres away. The built in microphone supplies audio over the coax cable, enabling sound along with the camera image without the need for a separate cable.

The all metal turret style design of the THC-T120-MS delivers glare free images in all weathers while still offering significant vandal resistance and the flexibility to be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Universal Multi-format Camera

The HiLook THC-T120-MS has universal BNC video and DC power connectors and can be switched between several analogue video formats including TVI, CVI, AHD and CVBS allowing it to be used on most modern CCTV recorders.

Powerful Infrared LED’s for Night Vision

The THC-T120-MS has a powerful smart LED infrared array which can illuminate objects up to 20 metres away allowing the camera to capture images and details in complete darkness.


  • 2 MP, 1920


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