Haydon 12V DC 5A Inline Power Supply with 2.1mm Plug


  • High reliability
  • Regulated 12V DC output
  • 2.1 mm Barrel connector


A high quality Haydon inline 12 volt DC regulated power supply with a 3.6 metre overall cable length and a centre positive 2.1mm barrel connector.

The Haydon inline power supply range is tried and tested to perform reliably and consistently ensuring trouble free operation for your electronic devices.

The 2.1mm barrel connector with a centre positive polarity is a common combination found on a lot of small electronic devices such as CCTV cameras and smart home equipment.

Always check the voltage and polarity of your device and ensure that the overall current requirement of your device does not exceed the power supplies maximum rating.

Look for the following symbols on your device to confirm compatibility.


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