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Are you curious about the level of crime that may happen in your area? Reported burglary in the UK is always on the rise as criminals start using more sophisticated methods and take advantage of our busy lifestyles.

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Without adequate security your property or business could be at risk of a burglary, you just never know. That is why we are here to provide; supply and install the items you need to protect the inside and outside of your property.

HD CCTV Surveillance

HD CCTV is now increasing in popularity and is the number one choice for most homes. This is because the technology provides you with high quality, fast and reliable content. They also provide an important layer of security for your home, keeping it safe whilst you are away. Our professionally installed CCTV systems will provide you with detailed photography and videography for both daytime and night, these can also be viewed from your mobile device.

All of our HD CCTV cameras come with 4K or 1080p video output and 2.1+ megapixels photo quality. These cameras will also feed into your monitors so you can view the live streams and recorded video whilst at home. This will ensure you can spot fine details in the feed, vital when looking out for suspicious activity.

IP CCTV Cameras

Another type of camera offering we provide are IP CCTV cameras. This is a relatively new type of technology which essentially works like a standardcamera, butconveys data over the internet. These cameras have their own IP address, this means, you only need a network for images to be transferred. The IP camera is connected to the network of your home in the same way as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

There are many additional benefits when it comes to an IP camera. The images captured can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet, whether via pc, laptop or mobile phone. For some of our products, you can even control the camera remotely.

Our team of experts are on hand to give you a free consultation to assess the type of surveillance your home or business will need, as well as advising on placement. We provide install for both types of security cameras.

Smart Burglar Alarms

You may have noticed a brightly coloured yellow object on the front of most homes, generally with the ‘YALE’ logo on them. These are smart burglar alarms that act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders; however, there still may be cases where burglars will still try their luck. That is why we ensure your home or business has the latest burglar alarms installed.

We provide alarms that are equipped with wireless sensors, this means they can be strategically places in key entry points with no wiring required. It is easier to install, and will save you more money in the long term. The other key feature is to ensure the systems are synched up with your smart devices, this will ensure you are the first person to know when an alarm gets triggered, be it accidental or on purpose. Whilst the alarm is connected to your network, you will get instant notifications via email and text. This can all be controlled on your mobile app.

Access Control

Did you know we also install a wide range of access control systems in the Coventry area? Door entry systems give you the power to see, talk to and control who enters and exits your dwelling.

Get in touch and a friendly staff member will consult you on the needs of the business to ensure you have the appropriate access control system. Whether it is a simple door entry, a security number code only provided to your trusted members, or a card access system where you will give your trusted colleagues a specialised card that can be used to gain entry (the number of users can go over 5,000). If you also need an audio facility on the system, for deliver drivers etc, this can also be integrated into it.

Video Doorbell Installation

You may be familiar with the increasing popularity of doorbells with video camera installed within them, such as the Ring doorbell. This method utilises technology and connectivity whilst further protecting your home. The doorbell its self will be equipped with a HD camera, motion detector, microphone and speaker, to allow you to speak to, and see anyone at your door, all from your smartphone. You also have the option to save videos to the cloud.

The only issue is, you may not know how to install it, particularly with different units, and smart sockets. That is where we come in, our experts will ensure your Ring video doorbell is fully installed securely and connected to all of your devices.

Security Lighting Installation

Lighting is vital for larger homes or those with gardens or surrounding greenery, especially at night where most break-ins can occur. Installing security lighting is a cost effect and simple method to light up the external area of your property to keep burglars away. Through the use of our LED technology and passive infrared motion detectors, the lights will only go off if triggered by movement. This ensures there is minimal disturbance to you inside and less consumption of electricity.

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