Managed Network Services

A Managed Network Services Enable Your Workplace to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere, and Anytime

Networked systems have become an important aspect of the ICT environment today.

The workplace landscape has changed drastically in recent years due to the arrival of various innovative technologies. Now an employee should be able to access their work, data, and applications anywhere and anytime for efficient operation. A great user experience depends on the performance of the applications that enable the above hybrid work landscape. With bandwidth-intensive applications becoming the norm, it is all about how we deliver the bandwidth with higher speed and zero delays that the users expect. The ability to compete for new businesses and workforce optimization requires an end-to-end managed network solution.

A&M Security offers various services in the IT system integration for commercial, industrial, or residential systems. The computer network cabling services and installation involves different systems and technologies that utilize different materials such as copper cables, optical fiber, or wireless distribution of signals. Each of the above technology/materials has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the technology/material depends on the type of the application. For example, optical fiber-based networks are more efficient for wide area networks or connections that are made over long distances, whereas copper cable-based networks are effective for networking within buildings or installations as well as between devices.

The Network cabling installation involves a high-quality system for the distribution of signals for voice, data, electronic security, and safety, as well as audio and video handling. We offer network installation services across a wide range of project stages, be it a brand new project or retrofitting a legacy system. We provide our service starting with the assessment of client needs, proceed with the integration of the different devices and systems, carry out the project completion with help of our highly qualified personnel. It is critical to have a systematic ‘Network Security Solution’ to ensure the safety and continuity of the system. Our Network Security Solutions are custom designed based on our clients’ demands and requirements. Also, we conduct a thorough security requirement analysis to propose the right network security system for our clients that is optimized for cost and efficiency.

We, at A&M UK Security Ltd., do the heavy lifting for our customers to get their managed network up and running at rapid speed and ensure a sustained performance with our systematic four-step approach.

1. Consultation
We are committed to understanding our client’s technical requirements for their business network by working closely with their IT department.

2. Implementation
At A&M UK Security Ltd., we provide comprehensive design, build, and management capabilities for our client’s specialized managed network.

3. Monitoring & Management
We offer our valuable customers 24 x 7 x 365 service delivery and support for their servers, storage, network, IP telephones, cloud, apps, and security.

4. Lifecycle Support
We have partnered with “Pomeroy” for delivering ongoing support to our customers that help optimize network performance and achieve cost improvements.

Every organization requires Next Gen Connectivity to support Next-Gen Applications

We partner with our clients to deploy a fully integrated suite of network monitoring and network management services for small and medium businesses. Also, we provide a highly managed, end-to-end network infrastructure and services to our customers throughout every stage of their business journey. Apart from these, we also allow the businesses to leverage the latest network technologies by improving their application performance and delivering an enhanced user experience with greater agility and scalability.

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